I’m 76 now, but we began seeing our financial adviser David about 20 years ago when Jack and I started thinking about retirement. I am embarrassed to say it never really crossed our minds before that stage but as retirement loomed closer and closer, we realised we needed professional help to get ourselves on track.

David was great on that front, saving us in taxes and helping take advantage of the changes to pensions and social security. He also helped us organise our estate so we can continue to help our children out after we’ve both gone.

Unfortunately Jack passed away recently and as much as I miss him, I’m glad we got a chance to sort out our affairs while he was still alive. It wasn’t pleasant thinking about it at the time, but it could have been so much worse if I had to make all the decisions now without Jack’s input.

Anyway as much help as he’s been over the years, I never dreamt David could do any more for me at this stage. But with Jack not around, it’s getting really difficult trying to keep up with the house maintenance and all my medical needs too.

So I’m looking into aged care options and it’s a pretty complicated business. Luckily David’s playing a big role, walking me through all the different options – what level of care they provide and at what cost, and advising me of the impact on my social security benefits. I found out that if I keep the family home and rent it out rather than selling it, I can continue receiving my part pension, which is a big relief.

I’m glad I have someone on my side through all this. Someone I trust to help me make the financial decisions, now that Jack’s not around.

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