I’m 68 years old and retired from the bank about three years ago after 40 years of service. I originally had $320,000 in my allocated pension account but the global financial crises wiped more than 20% from my balance, leaving me with about $250,000.

I’ve always been quite content with my lifestyle, drawing down $13,000 each year from my allocated pension, and receiving another $12,000 each year from Centrelink.

I don’t need a lot to be happy – just enough to get by and to take the grandchildren out to the occasional movie or what not. But I was worried what would happen if another market downturn occurred during my lifetime. Would I have enough money to last for the rest of my life?

I decided to see an adviser and he has been a great help. It was all about having the right mix in my super. It was a big relief, I can tell you – knowing I’ll have enough money to see me through.

That’s the best thing about having a financial adviser – the peace of mind of knowing where you’re headed.

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