Joan and Frank

Long gone are the days when leaving a Will was a straight forward business.

Joan and I both have children from previous marriages, so according to our financial adviser Adam, if we didn’t build a proper family succession plan, it could spell trouble.

On top of everything else Joan’s son Jim has a bit of a gambling problem and my daughter is going through a nasty divorce.

It’s a tricky business that’s for sure but Adam was a great help. He suggested we set up a testamentary discretionary trust to help protect our assets against Jim’s gambling problems and any family law disputes. And he showed us how we can pass on assets to our grandchildren tax-effectively as well.

To sort out the legal side of things, Adam put us in touch with Oscar, a lawyer working in the same building. It’s great to be recommended a lawyer by someone we already trust, and he’s so close by, it’s made the whole thing quite hassle free. It’s like the one stop estate planning shop.

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