Joe and Marie

Joe was really looking forward to retiring when he turned 65 and so was I. With three kids to raise and all his long hours at work, we’ve spent precious little time together these past twenty years. At last we’d be able to spend some quality time together.

Of course, things don’t always turn out the way you plan. At 60, Joe had a nasty stroke. Thank God we had disability insurance because he was off work for about four months.

Our adviser, Christine, was worth her weight in gold at this time. I’d never had to worry about financial matters at all before this. Joe took care of all that side of things.

Joe recovered quite well eventually and he really wanted to go back to work until he was 65 like he’d always planned, but he really wasn’t up to it. So Christine advised him to go back three days a week. It’s worked out brilliantly.

Before he went back to work part-time, we sold our home (which was far too big for us now anyway) and bought into an over-55s resort. The extra money we put into superannuation, which has saved us an absolute fortune in tax. Christine took care of everything for us. It’s all worked out beautifully. I really don’t know what we would have done without her.

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